Device as service (DAAS)

What is Device As Service

Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model provides businesses with access to the latest devices without large, upfront costs. We handle everything from deployment to maintenance and support. DaaS enables you to scale devices as needs evolve.

Whether you are a business startup or a well-established business, you can get our DaaS solutions. You just need to pay for the devices you use. It is also possible to continue using them as long as you want, with easy recurring payments. We also provide built-in upgrade cycles for all devices.


Benefits of DaaS

  • Reduced Costs With years of experience, our Microsoft-certified IT professionals have supported organizations across every major industry. We've handled tens of thousands of service calls and projects seamlessly. Our team has seen it all and has the expertise to tackle any IT challenge..
  • Flexibility Scale your device needs up or down as business demands fluctuate. Add or remove devices quickly with our consumption-based model. Meet changing technology requirements without overspending on unnecessary devices or capacities.
  • Predictability Consistent, fixed monthly payments provide full cost visibility. Set budgets confidently and contain spending with minimized surprises. Built-in device lifecycle management spreads predictable costs over time
  • Improved Security Automatic updates and scheduled replacements ensure you always have the most secure devices in hand. Regular technology refreshes protect against newfound vulnerabilities. Effortlessly maintain security compliance.
  • Enhanced Productivity Access updated, high-performance equipment designed for peak efficiency. Empower employees through the latest innovations that facilitate collaboration and drive productivity.
  • Simplified Management Offload the headaches of installation, management, maintenance and support. Our experts handle device staging, deployment and disposal while proactively identifying issues.
  • Sustainability We sustainably retire equipment through certified disposal and recycling methods. DaaS encourages responsible device refresh rates, lowering environmental impact through reduced waste.

How It Works

Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model eliminates the burdens of device ownership so you can focus on running your business. We make it simple to equip your users with the latest technology on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no upfront costs.

First, we meet to understand your organizational needs and design an optimal tech stack for each user profile, whether tablets, laptops, desktops or full workstations. You decide the devices your teams require.

Next, we provision and configure the selected devices, customizing them for seamless integration into your infrastructure. We ship any hardware directly to you and simply charge a monthly subscription fee based on your service plan.

We handle the rest – maintaining firmware and settings across hardware generations, providing support, replacements in case of damage or defects, and secure disposal/recycling when devices reach end-of-life. You always stay up to date with the latest models.

When needs change, you can alter service quantities or change devices mid-subscription. We scale to your requirements, so you never pay for tech you don’t need nor own devices sitting idle.

Devices We Support

Desktops – Tower or all-in-one models

Tablets – Latest iOS and Android tablets for flexibility

Mobile Phones – Wide range of iPhone and Android devices

Laptops – Powerful Windows and Mac laptops for productivity